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Welcome to my Blog! I’m Eve. I’m a 21 year old law student from Ireland. This blog is basically everything Eve, including my current interests and projects, my personal experiences, and self care. I’m passionate about literature, poetry, the environment and culture. In this blog I hope to include useful tips and recommendations I have encountered, and I hope you can take something from what I write in my blogs! Thanks for connecting!

  • Skincare: Nature over Gimmicks

    16th Aug 2019 by

    Recently I have become an advocate for natural and eco-friendly products- particularly when it comes to skincare. When I say recently, it is not that I used to have dozens of different skincare products lining my bathroom shelves in colourful plastic containers and popular brand names. In truth, I have only recently began washing my… Read more

  • Does Minimalism Bring Happiness?

    30th Aug 2019 by

    I am very new to the minimalist scene. It is something I recently fell into when making some lifestyle tweaks. I was looking to live more intentionally, more ethically and to bring purpose to my everyday. This began with low-waste living. My search for meaning combined with my climate-anxiety resulted in a panic cocktail. I… Read more

  • Back to College: Zero-Waste

    22nd Aug 2019 by

    Having begun the long and exciting journey towards zero-waste, I have picked up many useful tips and tricks to minimise waste in an affordable and effortless manner. With the college term fast approaching, I am presented with a new opportunity to put several of the hacks I have come across into practice. In researching eco-friendly… Read more

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